Interior Design Tips;Decorating with plates

Decorating with plates  is an inexpensive way to create a statement in your room. You can experiment with combining different sizes, patterns and colours.
Before you start to drill holes there are a few steps you should take to insure you get your arrangement just perfect. 
Whether you are just hanging a trio evenly spaced on a wall or you choose to make a bigger statement by grouping them in a more unique arrangement - make a plan before you get out the drill.
Place a large piece of newspaper (or tape a few pieces together) on the floor, the same size as the space you are going to hang your plates. 
Place your plates onto the paper and play around with the arrangement until you are happy with their layout. If you want a more traditional look, go with a symmetrical layout. If you are looking for something more striking arrange them asymmetrically, best to go with an uneven number of plates for this one. You can also try a specific pattern or a tighter cluster as shown in some of the below images. Once you've settled on design, trace the outline of the plates onto the paper. Cut out the plate outlines leaving holes in your sheet of newspaper, then use as a stencil and mark the placement of each plate on the wall with a pencil. Leave at least 30cm between the highest plate and the ceiling to give it visual balance.
Then, hang away. For a free-floating look, you can use heavy duty command stripes or similar, alternatively you can use a traditional plate hanger available in most hardware’s.

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