Interior Design Tips;Tub Chair making a comeback

A staple of interior design, you may be surprised to learn the TUB CHAIR chair has been around for century’s. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that these chairs are a modern invention.  Click on the link to view our range of chairs available:

There is no known record of who actually invented the tub chair, But it is thought to have been developed during the reign of the French King Louis XV. Originally tub chairs were used in French courts, to seat HRH King Louis XV exclusively therefore were considered the epitome of style and comfort.
It is unknown what tub chairs were initially named but the term “Tub” was coined until the chairs arrived into America.
Since the 21st century the tub chair has seen a spike in popularity as a modern piece of furniture suitable for both commercial and home use. Often used in hotel lobbys and many bars and resturants. 
The tub chair continues to remain popular and complementary to most trends and styles. Its core design has stayed relatively close to the original only to be refined and adapted over the years.
Tub chairs still have the unmistakable style that makes them the perfect accent chair, adding an elegant feel to any space. Non-intrusive in their height or size, making them suitable for even the smallest of interiors, with a simplistic shape ,classic but understated. 
We are very excited about our newest range of Tubs which have just arrived. Featured below- our beautiful Oxford tub chairs (€199), these and many other styles now in stock. Call in and find your perfect Tub.

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