Interior Design Tips;Wallpaper Ideas

The trend of wallpapering has slowly been making a comeback over recent years. With the ‘feature wall’ being the go to style for many home owners. Currently more and more people are opting for full room papering, with great results. A good wallpaper has the power to make small spaces look cosy, not cramped, and take larger spaces from stark to opulent. It adds ambiance and character to any space. Before choosing your paper consider the style of room you are decorating:
pic 1.) Romantic Style , delicate floral patterns and gentle damask designs with fine detail in muted, pastel colours.

pic 2.)Casual Style , textured finishes are simple, casual options. An organic pattern, flowing floral designs gives a relaxed feel.

pic 3.)Contemporary Style, consider bold geometrics. High gloss and metallic designs. Large scale patterns add interest and a modern feel.

pic 4.)Traditional Style, use bolder damasks and striped patterns, which will work perfectly with traditional furniture and fabrics. use wallpaper in conjunction with paneling and work from the chair rail up for a classic traditional look.

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