Tips from our Interior Designers

Tip of the Week; What a beautiful utility room! As the post suggests your utility is an excellent room to be adventurous with your decor, make your chores a little brighter in interesting surroundings. Great built in storage design shown here also.  
Utility rooms shouldn't be boring - in fact this is one of the rooms that you can really experiment with colours and patterns. Ceiling stripes painted in 'Cosmopolitan' + 'Oxford White'. Main wall is 'Gentle Breeze' and 'Pure Brilliant White' on the woodwork.

Tip of the week: It really starts to feel like Christmas when the first cards start to arrive in the post. Here are some easy to create ideas on how to decoratively display your cards this year.

Tip of the week, Pastel inspiration. What a huge difference a tiny change of hue can do to your kitchen. Relaxing and fresh, nostalgic and homly. Pastel colours like are just perfect for every room.

Tip of the week: Looking for an unexpected wow in your kitchen, something unique, why not add contrast to a neutral kitchen with vibrant wallpaper. From funky geometric statement designs to something more subtle , with such a wide variety of options available you can be sure to find the perfect complimentary paper for your kitchen style. Feel free to share with us below if you have tried wallpaper in your own kitchen spaces.

Tip of the week:
Incorporate elements into your design that have sentimental value to you. Your space should reflect who you are and should be filled with things you love. Display mementos from a holiday, family antiques, or maybe a favourite photo. Layer old with new and your space will not only have character and meaning, but it will truly feel like your home

Tip of the Week:
Here are some great tips for those of you looking for that little hint of design and personality to add to your kitchen. It is attention to detail that will help you create perfection in your home.

Tip of the week: Some of you like to incorporate a feature colour in a darker hue into your kitchen design, this link contains some great examples of different ways you can this. From going all out to keeping it simple with small hints of colour here and there.

Tip of the Week.
The trend of wallpapering has slowly been making a comeback over recent years. With the ‘feature wall’ being the go to style for many home owners. Currently more and more people are opting for full room papering, with great results. A good wallpaper has the power to make small spaces look cosy, not cramped, and take larger spaces from stark to opulent. It adds ambiance and character to any space. Before choosing your paper consider the style of room you are decorating:
pic 1.) Romantic Style , delicate floral patterns and gentle damask designs with fine detail in muted, pastel colours.

pic 2.)Casual Style , textured finishes are simple, casual options. An organic pattern, flowing floral designs gives a relaxed feel.

pic 3.)Contemporary Style, consider bold geometrics. High gloss and metallic designs. Large scale patterns add interest and a modern feel.

pic 4.)Traditional Style, use bolder damasks and striped patterns, which will work perfectly with traditional furniture and fabrics. use wallpaper in conjunction with paneling and work from the chair rail up for a classic traditional look.

Tip of the week: some beautiful colour combinations you may not have thought of…/perfect-partners-discover-6-…

Here are some helpful tips when choosing the best kitchen worktop for your home, why not ask one of our designers to help you in your decision. Click on the link below to view.

Tip of the Week: A staple of interior design, you may be surprised to learn the TUB CHAIR chair has been around for century’s. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that these chairs are a modern invention.

There is no known record of who actually invented the tub chair, But it is thought to have been developed during the reign of the French King Louis XV. Originally tub chairs were used in French courts, to seat HRH King Louis XV exclusively therefore were considered the epitome of style and comfort.
It is unknown what tub chairs were initially named but the term “Tub” was coined until the chairs arrived into America.
Since the 21st century the tub chair has seen a spike in popularity as a modern piece of furniture suitable for both commercial and home use. Often used in hotel lobbys and many bars and resturants. 
The tub chair continues to remain popular and complementary to most trends and styles. Its core design has stayed relatively close to the original only to be refined and adapted over the years.
Tub chairs still have the unmistakable style that makes them the perfect accent chair, adding an elegant feel to any space. Non-intrusive in their height or size, making them suitable for even the smallest of interiors, with a simplistic shape ,classic but understated. 
We are very excited about our newest range of Tubs which have just arrived. Featured below- our beautiful Oxford tub chairs (€199), these and many other styles now in stock. Call in and find your perfect Tub.


Here are some really clever storage ideas to add something special to your kitchen design:

A perfectly designed kitchen cupboard is a wonderful thing, but so, too, are these clever alternative storage solutions for your cookery kit.


5 ways to make a small room feel more spacious.
It is a well known design trick to paint small rooms in light colours to make them feel larger but here are a few more space illusion techniques you may not already know:
1. Pull furniture away from walls slightly, this will create a shadow behind giving the illusion of more space. Furniture pushed right up against the wall can make a room feel cramped and crowded. 
2. Hang shelves near the ceiling to drawn eyes
 up. giving the feeling of added height.
3. Use stripes to elongate a space as seen in this rug below
4. Choose glass or transparent items to allow the eye to travel through.
5. Ditch the center ceiling light for two or three different types of lighting highlighting sections in your room. this will draw the eye around the room instantly giving the illusion of space.

Touch of Metallic

One of the biggest trends from last year continuing into this year is metallic accents. Add a luxurious feel to your living room with tones of silver, gold and bronze. Be careful not to go overboard - too much shimmer can start to make a room look tacky. Balance your metallics with matt-finished neutral furniture and soft furnishings in a variety of tones and textures.

Give your furniture some breathing room. 

Avoid overcrowding a room. Comfortable living means space to move around with ease. You don’t need to fill up a space with lots of furniture. Spend more of your budget on fewer but better-quality pieces, and your room will look better than if it’s stuffed to the gills, The high-backed chairs shown here, for example, stand out because they don’t have to fight for attention.

Decorating with plates  is an inexpensive way to create a statement in your room. You can experiment with combining different sizes, patterns and colours.
Before you start to drill holes there are a few steps you should take to insure you get your arrangement just perfect. 
Whether you are just hanging a trio evenly spaced on a wall or you choose to make a bigger statement by grouping them in a more unique arrangement - make a plan before you get out the dr
Place a large piece of newspaper (or tape a few pieces together) on the floor, the same size as the space you are going to hang your plates. 
Place your plates onto the paper and play around with the arrangement until you are happy with their layout. If you want a more traditional look, go with a symmetrical layout. If you are looking for something more striking arrange them asymmetrically, best to go with an uneven number of plates for this one. You can also try a specific pattern or a tighter cluster as shown in some of the below images. Once you've settled on design, trace the outline of the plates onto the paper. Cut out the plate outlines leaving holes in your sheet of newspaper, then use as a stencil and mark the placement of each plate on the wall with a pencil. Leave at least 30cm between the highest plate and the ceiling to give it visual balance.
Then, hang away. For a free-floating look, you can use heavy duty command stripes or similar, alternatively you can use a traditional plate hanger available in most hardware’s.

Colour - This ones a short one but a valuable tip to remember - Always pick your paint colors last.
There are endless options in paint colors,tones & shades. It is far easier to match a paint to your fabric, rug, curtains or upholstery than vice versa.

 Don't settle for poor lighting in your Kitchen 
The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting. It’s not only a matter of design and atmosphere, but also a safety matter when it comes to handling sharp kitchenware. Rooms generally need three types of lighting: general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting and accent lighting.
For the kitchen, you especially should evaluate the work areas and focus on how you can provide each spot with the light it needs. Consider adding lighting directly above all the main working areas, perhaps using hanging pendant lights or a series of mini-pendants in areas where these enhance the lighting and beauty of the kitchen. Pendants look great above breakfast bars and kitchen islands, especially a series of mini-pendants like these fisherman pendents. (now in stock smile emoticon ). Think about lighting over your sink which is often overlooked. Install under-cabinet lighting as an additional way to ensure that the counters have sufficient lighting for everyday kitchen tasks. Ceiling spots will provide general light throughout. Accent lighting like kickboard lighting will add an additional dimension to your kitchen, match with a highly reflective tile for a beautifully detailed finish. Don’t be shy when it comes to Kitchen lighting After all, the more light you have in the room, the better you can show off all of those amazing design elements. Do not forget we have a lighting section in store and one of our designers will happily help you pick the perfect lighting for your kitchen.